Annie Escobar- Storyteller, filmmaker, catalyst

Late night wrapping up tech stuff. The videos are all ready to be shown here tomorrow!!!! Eeeeeekkk!!! (at Houston Toyota Center)
7 months of hard and joyful work have led to this!

So excited to be back with the team & family for the most epic celebration of possibility & people power. 

Working with KIPP to help change the story about education in this country has been a true honor. 

For too long in this country, we’ve used poverty as an excuse for why our schools are failing our kids. We’ve said that it’s inevitable that these kids won’t graduate because we can’t fix education until we fix poverty. 

But it’s not the kids that are failing, it’s the system that doesn’t believe in them. What we believe creates our reality. 

KIPP is proving what can happen when we come together, believe in our kids, care for each other and decide that the way it’s been is not the way it is going to be. 

KIPPsters graduate college at 4x the national average for low income students.

They are proving that where you come from doesn’t determine your destiny. Every person, no matter their zip code, is filled with infinite potential and glorious gifts that our world needs. KIPP is unleashing into the world nearly 60,000 students who understand their power. 

KIPP is creating a world where all people can lead lives of opportunity and choice. And what a beautiful world it will be… (at Houston, Texas)
Any day with a sunflower is a beautiful day. And today I learned it’s the flower of the Leo. How fitting. 🌻😊
I ❤️ BK

Adorable KIPPster sharing her vision for the world.

Good morning beautiful! Sending you a hug and a smile this morning. Praying that you know what a precious gift you are to this world and that today you decide that instead of running away from your weaknesses, you’ll step into your strengths. The world needs you. I love you! 💓💓💓
Yesterday. Just wow. Michelle and I (plus my incredible video team) spent the day spreading love across the city. I danced in the subway, gave 3 subway speeches, gave away dozens of flowers to people on the street in Jackson Heights, took a mother of 6 and two of her daughters who we met on the sidewalk to lunch, shared stories with an old man in a cafe, had people in Harlem tell each other why they love each other, had a couple at Columbus Circle send love through eye gazing, started a dance party in Union Square, played with babies and gave a lottttta hugs.  At the end of the day what was so abundantly visible is how much we all crave connection and love. How we all want to be accepted and belong. I was struck by how people were so open and willing to be loving and be loved. Yesterday felt like me finally saying YES to my true calling on this earth, which is not about accomplishment or doing or building a company, it’s about being a voice for love in this world. Over and over I heard this voice from deep within, comforting me with the assurance that love is more powerful than fear. As we allow our hearts to open wider and deeper, we can claim our birthright of limitless love.  And to you, my friends- thank you for making me feel, in every cell of my body, the divine love that is being human.
I love you, dear one.
look at the world like it’s for the first time. 😍🌎
This bee was going to town on the flower.
We belong to each other so let us live with that knowledge guiding us. ❤️❤️❤️
Look what just came in the mail! #bizness
!!!! Flipping and flying!!!

It’s birthday week and the epic adventure has begun! #celebratinglife #fly #facefear #freedom #liveinlove (at Southstreet Seaport)