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I’m in awe of their awe. #nyc 😍
A friend just sent me this beautiful message that is warming my heart. I pass it on to you. #divinelove
Wherever you’re at, know that it’s ok. You’re just a human. You do not need to prove yourself or earn your worth. You are enough. I believe in you and I believe in your journey. Sending love to your heart.  💓🌻🌞
Quiet in the chaos
Rainy day beauty
My phone broke on this rainy day and my heart was heavy with empathy for Palestine, but beauty smiles at me and really nice humans (there’s so many!) bring me ever back to light. 🌻

I created this video after spending a week in New Mexico, soaking up beauty.

Poem: “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver

You have everything you need within you to create the life you desire. I hope you feel possibility, expansion and love this Monday morning. 💓💓💓

Riding home on a nearly empty J train and a 300 pound, middle aged man sits next to me and starts quietly crying into his hands. 

He looked towards me and so I said, “I’m sending you love.”

He paused and then proceeded to tell me through tears that after 32 years as a marine, he’s just left the service.

He repeated several times, “I’m not a good person. I’m not a good person. You don’t know what I did over there.” 

He showed me a giant bullet wound in his leg. 

"What am I going to do with myself now? Nobody wants me."

I tried to comfort him the best I could. Tried to reflect back the human I saw in front of me— someone who has been through a lot, experienced a lot of pain— someone who is, like all of us, imperfect, but enough. I told him that the bullet wound was evidence of all that he had survived. I tried to tell him that he’s more than his identity as a soldier, he’s a person who is alive, who has many experiences still ahead of him.

At the next stop he opened the ripped black shopping bag that was carrying his things and took out a long rope. He threw it out the door of the train. 

He said he had been close to killing himself.

A couple stops later, he got up to leave and said, “This is my stop. Hope to see you again.” His lips turned into a small smile.

And then the doors closed and he left.

What a crazy world this is.

Hypnotized by the layers
I love being in the city on Sunday. The world glistens with beauty.
Any day with a sunflower is a great day 🌻🌞😍
New vision board, to be hung above my bed shortly. 😍😍😍
It’s the third annual sister summer summit! Every year we get together and share our gorgeous, juicy new visions for the year ahead. Two years ago these women helped me make the most bold and essential move. Today I feel liberation I never even knew was possible. Such a beautiful moment to reflect on the journey of our lives. I’m so struck by the power we each have to create the lives we dream up for ourselves. Celebrating big. ❤️