Annie Escobar- Storyteller, filmmaker, catalyst

Sweet summer Sunday 😍
Randomly added someone as a Facebook friend three years ago after seeing a beautiful film she made online and today I finally met her and got to be a part of her latest project. I love how life happens like that.
It’s a crazy world and I’m at a loss for words.
A thoughtful Thursday. 💓💓💓
Adult coloring book on Pinterest = YESSSS 😄🎨❤️
Feeling voracious hunger for the details of the world this morning. I want to see it all, feel it all, taste it all, smell it all. I want to be present with all that surrounds me.
Calm and quiet selfie yesterday. Every day on this earth amazes me with it’s twists and turns and subtle lessons. Grateful for the big and small and mundane and extraordinary.
Back to life
Mmmmmmmm happy place
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ she’s practically famous now soooo
Enraptured. #holycow #transportingfiction #mustreadon #whathappensnext #ivealreadycried #ilovethesecharacters #cantstopwontstop
Best workshop yet! Felt in my element and in my power. The energy was electric. I looooove getting to share my deepest passions with others. Seeing people get excited about these ideas is so invigorating and inspiring. Attendees stayed for 45 minutes after, sharing stories and visions. Radical vulnerability, guys. It’s powerful.  

Thanks @marcossalazar for the opportunity and photo. :) (at Centre for Social Innovation)
Big thanks to my little sis @pizzacatstuff for making my worksheets pretty! You make me feel powerful, sis!  (at Centre for Social Innovation)
And so it is. ❤️❤️❤️